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Create and share viral prank videos with your friends with Roklo

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App Features

Roklo is a video-sharing social networking service owned and developed by Flicks Capital. The social media platform is used to make a variety of short-form prank videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education.


A local and global leaderboard to allow more localized and global exposure to your content


Stay on top of what other creators are sharing locally and globally

Image Filters

Pick and choose from a variety of image filters to add to the fun


All your data and history is securely encrypted and private

Apply Voice Skins

Use different voice skins to modulate your voice and entertain everyone


Showcase your achievements and videos on your personal profile

Competing with creators who have massive budgets is a huge disadvantage for local creators

When it comes to standing out and getting your content noticed, productions with bigger budgets to stand out for various reasons-

  • They are based in bigger cities where there are more collaboration opportunities.
  • The quality of gear has a massive impact and is an upfront cost involved

With Roklo, your content will not only be recommended app-wide to all the users, but our recommendation engines allow us to create three-tier engagement across states, nationally and globally so it is easier to achieve leaderboard positions incrementally and attract sponsors.

Top-notch recommendations enhancing user engagement

Want to enjoy local content but are annoyed by irrelevant recommended videos that lack personalization?

A.I. is at the core of what we do at Flicks Capital, and thus we have implemented state of the art recommendation systems to promote and enhance user engagement.

We have worked incredibly hard to balance novelity with personalization where you not only are recommended videos like the ones you just watched but are also able to discover new kinds of fun content.

Change your voice at the push of a button

Want to prank your friends but have awful mimickry skills?

  • Pick, enjoy and record videos from a huge range of voice skins in the libary
  • Look incredible while doing so using various image filters
  • Share your voice-modulated videos on any other social plaform you want

With Bolkay, we believe in building an open-environment social media networking where you can easily build and share your videos on any platform of your liking as well from directly inside Bolkay.

Not only the creators but the viewers can also share the videos to Facebook or Discord with a simple share button.

We care about your privacy

Roklo is developed keeping user privacy in mind. All your personalized data will be encrypted on the server thus making sure that you have complete unbothered access to retain or remove your videos at any point in time.

With most of the social media networking apps stealing your data under the hood and selling it to corporate buyers and governments, we believe that your data should only belong to you.